Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 13th



I've gone and done it.
This is my new journal.
I will take bets on how long it will last,
either by days...or entries. The choice is yours, dear reader.

Speaking of other things i swore to never do, I found a bowling ball-complete with bag- alongside the road today.
I am no longer Liz. Today I became MJ Campbell, bowler.


must find motivation to work on site...but the web is like an arthritic jogger on antibiotics tonight.


I have a co-worker who is my age and wonderfully bright.
I present a portion of today's conversation:

Me: Oh! you liked Pi? That's such a great movie, although I don't really get the part with the brain on the subway stairwell.

Him: Yeah, I don't get why he sticks that drill into his head in the end.

Me: Well, he lobotomized himself.

Him: Yeah, but he was still moving and shit.

Me: Yes, he only took out the part of his brain that controlled mathematical reasoning...remember, the medical texts and him drawing on his head....? He was finally able to live in peace...

Him: Yeah, but, like, what was with all that math stuff


went to aunt j's again tonight and wished i had a family like the one i was with. lots of activity. cousins my age. friends. good conversation. people who actually care what i say and how i feel. love. acceptance. i have an "old guard" roman catholic family. there are thing you don't talk about. there are emotions you don't express. honesty is blunt as a blowing pin and wit is sharp as razors. bicker bicker bicker drink drink drink. it's only the surface that matters. smile. be happy. be well adjusted. get along. respect you elders.

I've had such a wonderful day.
I should call out of work more often.

i've had such a fabulous day


I just purchased this dress pattern from Colette Patterns and I cannot wait for its arrival. You wouldn't know it from the lack of fashion shots, but I've been making a few new dresses for myself this summer. Wonderfully functional and really comfortable dresses that can be worn in colder weather, too. 

This pattern is very similar to a dress that I made last month, but I'm still very eager to do it up. It's a little more finely detailed and modern. Still not sure how I feel about the pockets, though. What I find great about this and the other pattern that I mentioned was that they are very flattering to more buxom figures; a hard thing to find these days. 

Also, while I never liked "playsuits" or, as I call them, "the adult romper", the author of the pattern has a very compelling adaptation of this design in such a style and, I must say, it looks good.



Now do you get it! It's them, not you...
So don't feel so funny
Live for risks, they don't...

There's no fight in them, no spit and fire
Nothing gets them angry
Oh come on, let's go shake the world

Be thrilled by the thought
That it's wild out there
Even if it's really not that great

Getting married? Making babies?
But you haven't been to Paris
The object of the game is to leave town

I want you to be so happy
You will bug them with your presence
They'll say you're wrong, you have no style

I want you to be lean and hungry
Slum geniuses kicking limos
Walking by yourself down Razor Street

I want you to know people who laugh too loud
And have to get drunk to find the right words
And can't sleep 'til the colors are just right

I want you to talk back, be out of line, be peculiar If you don't know your plans, so what?

You should show up at their parties
Frankly state their music's lousy
Their art is stupid, don't be cool

Do mind bottled dressing
Object to instant coffee
And go to movies all alone

look someone in the eyes and say you'll satisfy them, Though you both know the way love is, that's a lie

I want to see your fists in their searchlights
Hear danger from their radio
Toke every chance you can to get revenge

No pain killers, take it straight with a twist of anxiety "Patience" means "never"

Don't shake hands,.don't smile a lot, not much "please" And "thank you"
Believe in "no", insist on "why"

Want false hopes, expect magic
Put your life on the line for something
Bet on dreams, again and again

Make a country that's fat and smart
That doesn't love to screw its own
And gives, instead of sucks the world dry
(The Waitresses)

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