Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th


Yesterday morning I rolled up my pocket change that was haunting the little cabinet next to my bed (thus nullifying the name "pocket change") and went off to happily purchase the collectors edition of "Amnesiac" by Radiohead. While I am a fan of the band (much-ly), I suppose I bought it because I liked the packaging. It looks like a little defunct library book. I find myself to be very susceptible to good packaging. Perhaps that's what I'll go into college for.


also: my mojo is back and ready to rock.


dear tara,

you sounded sad when you called last night. so i just wanted to say that i love you, boots! ;) 
(see, it's like "toots" but not. clever, eh?)


Number of Handle-bar moustaches seen today: 2
Number of B list performance artists talked to: 1 (Slymenstra Hymen, of GWAR.)


i was going to write all about the towering success of my garage sale this weekend. All 53 dollars of it. i just do not have the things that old people want. (next! Mel Gibson in "What Old People Want"... with Jessica Lange!)

instead, i'm going to write about last night when some came over the bridge to Seaside driving in the wrong lane, nearly hit us, and then, undeterred, succeeded in hitting the car a few lengths behind us.

it is important to mention that there are actually two bridges over the bay, one leading to Seaside and one that leads from Seaside. So, to drive on the wrong side of the road, you have to drive ON A TOTALLY DIFFERENT BRIDGE. Somehow, this guy was able to power all the way across the bridge without incident driving at or around 70 mph.

According to my mother, who works at the hospital and thus, pilfered information, there was one car with three boys, aged 18 or so, that flipped over the median while trying to avoid the oncoming car. They are all fine and were released last night. The car that was more directly hit was driven by my mother's co-worker's daughter, who only suffered burns from the air bag (a violent lot, those air bags.) The kid who was driving the on coming car was 17 and drunk "off his ass" and apparently huffing while he was driving (according to mum.) After being told what he had done, he went home and promptly attempted to kill himself.

Oh! and my sinuses are feeling better but my tonsil is really large and that's just uncomfortable. and i've been in a foul mood all day so i'm sorry to everyone that i have come into contact with.


there are far too many for me to be in love with, right now.


calling the bathroom "the office" is a joke that never gets old.

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