Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14th

An otherwise all right day. Not as peaceful as days past, nor as cool. I hate humidity, even though it causes such wonderful shows of fog at night. After today's graduation ceremony (that Ben and Jen and I pretended to attend), and being all nice and social with friends' parents, we went to the boardwalk. The fog was so thick that when you were standing at the midway point, you could not see either pier, giving the beach a nice "pre man" look. I half expected to see the top of Lady Liberty sticking out. However, as you walked towards one of the piers, it seemed to materialize straight from the sand.

For the first time in a long while I went on a ride or two. During one of them we went got the workers to play "Come to Daddy" Happiness abounded.

And speaking of music and losing money, I bought Depeche Mode's "Exciter" and placed a hold on a limited edition copy of Radiohead's "Amnesiac". Allow me to be blunt. Only buy Exciter if you want to round out your collection. It is a horrible album. Sure, the lyrics remain as lame and cheesey as they were during the days of Violator and the like, but the music is different. Not as deep, both physically and metaphorically. It seems to be badly produced. The vocals are not integrated into the music. The components are there, but what fills the space connecting said components happens to be missing. Please, someone get those boys back on a strict diet of heroin again.


Happy Birthday, journal.


woohoo! go liz for fitting into Danielle's size 8 skirt! i knew it was just a matter of holding onto it long enough.


Time:12:17 pm.
A) happy second birthday, you live journal, you.

B) there is a bug bite on my bum.

C) last night, the Enigma complimented me on my hair. this morning, i am still giddy as a school girl on speed.
i was at a loss as to how this summer could possibly get more summery; already it's been full of working at the boardwalk, going to coney island, long bike rides, popping around manhattan and brooklyn chasing bands of musical gypsies and wearing white cotton skirts and dresses. the other night i went to the season's first barbeque, which was full of hamburgers, beer, a swimming pool, friends from school, and bug bites. on sunday, i joined a band. on monday, we played our first public engagments. on tuesday, i drove home with the windows all down and didn't care that the air conditioner had stopped working. so, in the interest of upping the summerage, i got on my bike and spent the evening riding through lawn sprinklers.


last week i was calling people and crying about ho wi felt like i didn't have a home anymore, just a place where i kept my stuff and a place where my parents live. today i think that i feel more at home when i am on my toes and on the move. i feel so much more at home when i'm not at my house.


Girlhaus' first press kit, sent to us via 2 day express mail. 
Girlhaus: kind of like a real venue.

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